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jambalaya in nesco roaster
Hi Ellen: Thanks for the advice on the bread pudding. I'm also doing your jambalaya for our shelter mardi gras meal. I'm running short on oven space and am wondering if I can do your jambalaya recipe in 18 quart Nesco roasters. I have 3 of them; I'm doing 120-40 servings. I'm thinking: make broth and everything else ahead as you suggest. Mix cooked ingredients with raw rice day of service and put in roaster. Heat broth and pour over. Cover and cook and hour or so. Think it can hold a couple of hours? Thanks!!!
It will probably take more than an hour to finish, but when done just turn down to 165, cover tightly and it will hold for about 2 hours. Use long grain rice, such as converted rice, to reduce the risk of mushiness.