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Asian-food themed reception for 80
Hey Ellen! I thought I would defer to the expert here for some logistical genius. My fiance and I are having a Chinese-themed wedding in July with Asian-themed food. We plan to rent a large 3'x5' propane griddle to do fresh stir-fry and put it in aluminum chafing dishes to serve. Also planned to have rice, vegetarian sushi rolls and rice-paper salad rolls, a salad bar, soup, and a general american-style appetizer spread-veggies, chips and dip, pita and hummus, fruit kabobs etc. We have access to a huge fridge and kitchen facility but there is no stove. I planned to use crock pots for the soup and the propane griddle for the stir-fry and rice cookers for the rice. everything else would be cold/room temp.
Is this logistically feasible? It will be set-up buffet style. Can we make the sushi and salad rolls the day before or will they dry out? I am having very little luck finding information how to cater this type of reception with this type of food anywhere-help?
Its in July and we are serving 70-80 ppl. Also, any ballpark estimate on cost if we buy from Cash N' Carry and Costco?
Thanks a ton! I have printed out so much of your info and send your site onto lots of people because your info is so amazing, I so appreciate you! :-)
american-style appetizer spread-
veggies, see veggie tray page
chips and dip, 1 ouncechips and 1/4 cup dip per person
pita and hummus, 1/2 pita and `/4 cup hummus per person
fruit kabobs-do fruit platters, easier to prep, can be done ahead, look better, and leftovers are more usable. See fruit tray page.

Have some tofu to grill for the vegetarian eaters.

Can't help about costs...

rice, cookers are fine
vegetarian sushi rolls and rice-paper salad rolls, not so good, day before; can you get these catered in?
a salad bar- have some Asin themed tppers- baby corn bits, water chestnuts, etc.
soup, 5 gallons- 5 6 quart crock pots or 2 roasters.

Thanks Ellen, I appreciate any help! :-)