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Company Picnic for 500-600 people
I need picnic ideas to feed 500-600 people. What kind of picnic foods? Hamburgers? Hot Dogs? Fried Chicken?, Baked Beans? Salads? Desserts? etc.....

How many of each should I plan for? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This picnic isn't for a few months, but need help figuring out what and how much.


Kelly, where is this being held, what are the cooking and refrigeration facilities, how long is the party, will liquor be served and what is the budget? Write back.
This is being held at a park in Washington State on a Saturday from 11AM to 2PM. They want it with the theme of "take me out to the ballpark". We will have to get bbq'ers. There is no refrigeration facilities. Liquor will not be served but they want water, pop, juice and coffee. We are thinking somewhere in the lines of $4700.00.
OK, skip the fries and the fried chicken.
Hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments, beans, potato salad, slaw.
Desserts, see the dessert planning page; mostly cookies and bars.