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Buffet Lunch reception for 150-200 people
Hi Ellen, I've found your page very helpful, but VERY daunting at the same time. My husband (we are already married, but haven't had a formal wedding yet due to his deployment to Afghanistan) and I are having our actual wedding ceremony and reception on March 19, 2011, and are expecting maybe 150-200 guests. We are doing a self-catered lunch reception. My mom, her friends, and I are doing the food, but I would just like an idea of how much food should be prepared. My mom is Korean, so she and her friends will be doing plenty of Korean food, but we only have one "American" main course so far. Chicken casserole with rice. I'm thinking we'll do pre-made rolls with butter (how many should I get?) Pasta salad, or is this too informal for a wedding reception? I'm so lost, please help! I'd estimate that total, there will be roughly 6-7 people doing all of the food preparations. And I'm trying to keep this as inexpensive as possible!
Stephanie, how many people will the Korean food serve? Then I can tell you how much casserole you need. I would not do pasta salad with chicken and rice what about a chicken dish or chicken salad with the pasta salad, or veggie dishes with chicken and rice.
I'm not sure how many the Korean food will serve, but most of the guests will be American, and I just want to ensure there is plenty of food for everyone. I would also like another idea for a main course, instead of the chicken casserole. What kind of veggie dishes would you suggest?
I want everyone to have as much of a selection as possible. Lots of picky eaters... And it doesn't have to be too formal, I've just never done something like this, and I'm so lost.
OK, assuming you can make plenty of steamed rice with the Korean food, why not make roast chicken pieces or quarters with some sauces on the side (BBQ, mushroom, etc). Even most picky eaters like plain roast chicken. Then maybe meatballs?

For veggies, roast vegetables are very in fashion right now. Also whole green beans or green bean medleys.

Do a big relish tray (see the veggie tray page). Do fruit trays.

Use the totals on the planning pages to make sure you have enough, for example, you might do several chicken dishes, but the total raw weight would be the total for the planning.

You will nee 4 lines for 200 people. One could be Korean, 3 non. You need 2 nibble tables with punch and appetizers for the hour between the wedding and the dinner.

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