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For Donation Sheet
When I Hand Out My Letters For Donations I Put @ The Top Of Page The Amount Of People ,But I am Wondering Should I Put The Amount I Am Looking For?
Thank You
Anne, what is this donation sheet for? Potluck? Food bank? Write back.
For donations to defray the cost.Like a fact sheet on how much I need to do the dinner.I have a letter head I wrote up and I did a donation sheet on what I was looking for in donation rather than money from different places.
Anne, what kind of event is this? Why are you having it? Is it a fund raiser, a party in your home, a church supper, or what? What are the donations for, for the cost of the dinner, or some other reason? I am still not clear on this.
as i wrote to you it is a fundraiser dinner.
donations are to defray the cost of what i have to buy,i wrote up a letterhead about the dinner ;then i made a donation sheet on what i need to make the dinner.it is to help our major theatre get hearing aides for the theatre.i am in a international club
OK. So you are asking people to either bring money or food/supplies. Definitely OK to put the different choices on the list, amount of money, different choices of food.
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