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Outdoor Pig Roast
Can't say NO
I am planning an outdoor pig roast for my husband's snowmobile club. It is a family event with majority of the adults being men and a dozen or so of attendees being children. There will be approx 100 attending this outdoor buffet.

We plan to roast a 100-110# pig served as pork sandwiches with hamburgers and hotdogs for those who do wish to partake of the pork.

In addition I plan to have
4 gal baked ziti
4 gal baked macaroni & cheese
3 gallons baked beans
3 gallons coleslaw

Will this be enough food? Also, looking for a low cost easy to make suggestion for a dessert.
Thanks in advance for any advice. I've done large parties before but never on someone else's dime where I don't want too much food left over.

Pretty good numbers! I might do 4 gallons slaw. Breads/rolls about 12 pounds plus 3 pounds butter.

I would do several sheets of brownies and bar cookies (one of each flavor per person, cut fairly small) ahead and freeze.

Planning a pig roast for sons graduation/going away party. Is this what you would also suggest that I do for his party. We plan on having a cake, but should I also have other desserts. I have a budget that can be gone over but want this to be a nice party for him. Any suggestion would be helpful, looking at prices right now.
Oops,sorry Ellen. I can tell you that most of the people that will be here for this are between the ages of 7-80 and 25% teenagers. Here is what we would like to do,let me know if this sounds good.
125 lbs pig for roasting
300 meat balls in sauce
3 1/2 gal of my pasta salad (contains ham and pepperoni)
2 gal macaroni salad
2 gal potato salad
15# of rolls

What other items would you use (around here no one eats coleslaw).
Thanks so glad that I found this site.

Shelley, how many guests?
around 100-135
You need slaw, marinated bean salad or some kind of vegetably thing with this- 4 gallons. And I would do at least 3 1/2 gallons of potato salad. I would also add fruit trays (see the fruit tray page) and good rolls- about 12 pounds per 100.

Extra desserts are never amiss, and with this, I would do small cookies or bars/brownies; 2-4 different flavors, I of each flavor per person. Mkae ahead and freeze.

My question is I have about 150 people coming for the party and in-laws state that I need to make potato salad, in raw potatoes how many pounds of potatoes do I need??
With the other 2 starches, about 35 pounds of potatoes for salad is plenty. Lots of recipes on this site.
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