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Wedding for 175
Ellen i need your help, A family friend is making the food for our reception i don't know how much of the following i need her to make,it's a buffet style dinner. The menu is stuffed chicken breast, ham, parsley potatoes,spring salad, brocolli salad, rolls&butter, veg & fuit tray, cheese tray, chips,cookies & wedding cake. It's a June wedding.
Normally, I would request you to make a first estimate and post it, but since you are the first wedding of the year, more help for you.

stuffed chicken breast, 1 small per person
PLUS ham, 1 pound ready to eat per 5 people
parsley potatoes, 35 pounds per 100
spring salad, see plan for 100 page
broccoli salad, same as slaw, see plan for 100 page
rolls&butter, 2 small or 1 1/2 large per person PLUS 3 pounds butter per 100

For nibble table:
veg tray- see veggie tray page
fruit tray- see fruit tray page
cheese tray- 16 pounds assorted per 100 PLUS 6 pounds crackers per 100
chips, 6-8 pounds per 100, PLUS 1/4 pound salsa or dip per person

cookies 1 of each flavor up to 4, make small 2 bite cookies
wedding cake amounts discussed on the dessert planning page.