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serving 250 students & mentors High School eve
Ellen~ your site is a life saver. I read through your site but still feel the need to post my question.
I am helping co-ordinate lunch for a Robotic event at our local High School. We are hosting for the first time. 34 schools will be represented. Approx 250 people in attendance (students, mentors, others). Pick up food is the food of choice. Please help me calculate how much of each is needed: Hotdogs, Pizza (brought in), Pulled Pork (from local restaurant).

I appreciate your time.

serving 250 students & mentors High School eve
Oh, boy, is this all there is? No chips, fruits, sides, desserts? If so, allow 1 dog plus 1 sandwich plus 1/3 large pizza per person. If not, write back with more info.
serving 250 students & mentors High School eve
Thank you for replying. I had to giggle when I read your response. I would have thought the same thing. I should have mentioned there will be chips and drinks. Extra items on hand for sale will be fruit and candy bars. The students only break for 45 minutes. It's all we can do to get these future engineers to stop and eat. The female team members are no different in what they want than their male team mates. They prefer pick up and go food.

Does these explain the situation better?

serving 250 students & mentors High School eve
Hmm. I would give away the fruit and make them buy the chips.

Other than that, it would be OK to skip the dogs and do just the sandwiches and pizza. With that short break, that is enough food, 1 sandwich plus 1/3 pizza..

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