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cooking for 150 people
going crazy
omg i'm going crazy i'm cooking for 150 people how many pounds of the following i need?
green beans
brocolli with garlic
orzo salad
jambalaya rice
tortollini with asparagus
penne with roasted tomatoes
mac & cheese
grilled zuccini
chicken strps
rotisserie chicken

plaese help me!!!!!

You need to tell me the occasion, how long the meal will last, the time of day, and whether it is self-serve or plated

On this DIY site,I expect you to make some effort to use the tables to estimate your amounts, post it, and let me check it. Don't waste time or energy having hysterics. Also, this is rather an unusual menu/ assortment.

green beans
broccoli with garlic
grilled zucchini
Because you have 4 vegetables, about 16 pounds each per 100.

orzo salad
penne with roasted tomatoes
mac & cheese
These starches, you want about 6 pounds orzo dry, about 8 pounds each penne and mac dry

chicken strips
rotisserie chicken
Total, 1 piece chicken plus 2-3 strips per person (depends on size of strips)
jambalaya rice 3/4 to 1 cup per person, cooked
tortellini with asparagus-1 pound tortellini per 6, 1 pound asparagus per 12-15

You will have food left over, with this large an assortment you have to make enough of each not to run out in the first service, and that means making more than enough total.

Evelyn A Drapes
How much cornbread for 150 people?
Evelyn A Drapes
How much cornbread to serve 150 people?
Evelyn A Drapes
How much cornbread to serve 150 people? Martin L King's Birthday Party, at a Senior Apartments
Assuming 9x13 pans:
1 per 10 for a large piece, for example with chili or creamed chicken shortcake
1 per 12 as a side roll, 3 pounds butter per 100, 3 pounds honey per 100
how much do i need?
Brisket, sausage,potato salad and beans
See the plan for 100 page and the bbq and brisket page. Use 1 1/2 times the amount for 100.
need a recipe for cornbread for 150 people.
See the bottom of the chili page:


Make 3-4 times the recipe. Make it in 3-4 batches, not all at once, so it mixes well.

I am using broccoli as the main topping on top of rice for a veggie dish. how many pounds should I get for this. Jenny
You don't mention how many people. If buying crowns, by the pound, 1 pound for each 2-3 people, depending on what else is included.
cooking for 800 people vegetarian Indian
How much food I need to cook for 800 people.I planning to give lanngar in mandie?
Hi, Mandy,
The langar is an old tradition, of a free vegetarian meal for all. The portions for an Indian community would be smaller than for an American community, we eat more.
So I would look at a meal of rice, one or two bean-based dishes and one or two vegetable dishes, with a side dish of raita and some sauces/chutneys. Bread if you have the facilities or donors. Is this the type of menu you have in mind? Write back.
cooking for 800 people
Thanks Ellen , Yes actually, i am planing to cook Mater Paneer (peas and cheese curry vegetable , white Chana ( chickpeas) any one dry vegetable like mix or sweet and sour pumpkin , raita ,chapatis ( bread) ,puri and in desert like kheer (rice pudding and halwa .so can you pls tell me how long it will take me to cook them. I do cook everyday in home. These vegetable are going to cook in simple way like no onion and garlic . Do I prepare them day before or same day?sorry it's first time I am little worried . Thanks
Mandy, cooking for 800 people is not a one person job! The sheer volume of food requires great planning and LOTS of space for both cooking and refrigeration.

PLEASE read the food safety articles on this site.

A pound is about 450 grams

Mater Paneer (peas and cheese curry vegetable)- you need about 12 liters per 100 people, 16 pounds fresh peas, 8 pounds paneer, 8 pounds each tomatoes, onions, and plain yogurt; 8 liters water, 2 liters ghee of oil, and all your spices

white Chana (chickpeas)- cook about 8 pounds (which makes 50 cups= about 12 liters) for each 100. So you are talking 96 liters for 800 people; that's about 24 US gallons, just for the one dish

any one dry vegetable like mix or sweet and sour pumpkin, The pumpkin would be a very good choice, it holds better

raita, 150 ml per person
chapatis (bread), 1-2 pieces per person
puri- 2 per person

rice??? at least 12 pounds (5 kilos) per 100, could go to 6-

kheer (rice pudding)- allow 1/2 cup per person, So you are talking 96 liters for 800 people; that's about 24 US gallons, just for the one dish
halwa - one piece of each flavor per person

Recipe for cheesy (funeral potatoes) for 150. Mainly I need the amount of each ingredient.
Last recipe on the festive family brunch page. Enjoy.
wedding buffet for 250 people
i am on a tight budget for my daughters wedding. we are having a 6pm buffet meal. how much do i need of the following:

tortellini alfredo
veggie tray
fruit tray
mashed potato bar
chicken salad cups

Bert, this clearly is not the entire menu, and you are looking at laying out up to $3000. Tell me more.
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