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x-mas party for 40
Ok the menu is:

pulled pork w/ rolls
smokies wrapped in bacon
spinach dip w/veg's
turkey and ham coldcut platter
cheese platter 3 cheeses
buffalo chicken dip
pasta salad
potato salad
wings- 150

I just need to know how many lbs of coldcuts? How many lbs of cheese? How many lbs of meatballs?
This party is at 6:00 pm.

Thanks Kim

OK, they will come expecting to have their supper at the party.

pulled pork w/ rolls- 1 pound pork per 5 , 2 rolls ( 3 if you don't have other bread)
meatballs- 1 poind per 8
smokies wrapped in bacon- 1 pound per 5-6
spinach dip w/veg's 1/4 cup dip per person, 3 ounces veg per person, see veggie tray page
turkey and ham coldcut platter- 2 ounces each per person
cheese platter 3 cheeses-1 ounce each type per person (2 1/2 pounds each) sliced rather than cubes, so it can be used on sandwiches
buffalo chicken dip- 1/4 cup per person
pasta salad- 2 pounds pasta
potato salad-15-18 pounds potatoes
wings- 150- OK

This is a heavy menu, might add fruit trays, see fruit tray page