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GE Roaster Oven 18 qt
I have checked many of your answers regarding cooking a turkey in this roaster and still am confused by too many answers to 1 question. I am cooking a 19 lb turkey in this roaster tomorrow and need to know do I put water in the Roaster oven body (this is the bottom pan below the removable cooking pan) or just heat dry and put a small amount of water in the removable cooking pan 30 minutes before turkey is done cooking?
I have said over and over, you NEVER put water in the bottom pan. And you might baste with butter or fat, but why put water in the pan a half hour before finishing?

Preheat at least 20 minutes before putting the turkey in. Keep covered as much as possible. Use a thermometer for the temp of the meat, same oven temps as a regular oven, start checking for doneness about 1/2 hour before it would be done in a regular oven. Poasters cook moister and a little faster than regular ovens for large pieces of meat.