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3 meat entree amounts needed
I am catering a Holiday Buffet for 20. Light appetizers, dinner salad, 2x baked potatoes, veggie side dish and cheesecake for dessert. They want to offer (buffet style) stuffed chicken breasts, roasted beef tenderloin and jumbo prawns for their meat. With everthing else that will be served, how much of each of these should I prepare? I was thinking 15 servings of each. Way off?
OK, this is two VERY desirable meats. I would want them to agree to 3 pieces shrimp, PLUS 1/2 pound raw tenderloin PLUS 1 small (3-4 ounce) chicken breast per person. You will have some chicken and a little tenderloin left. Put the chicken first in the line, beef with a carver second, shrimp third.