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Hi Ellen,
I was asked to cater a funeral for 50 people. What do you suggest to serve and how much.
Thank you
Basically, a finger food/ sandwich lunch. Cake and cookies. Iced tea, coffee.

For 50 people, the relish tray for 50-60 on the veggie tray page would be a nice choice. About 60 sandwiches, cut in halves or fingers. A fruit tray, such as 1/2 the hundred or twice the 25 on the fruit tray page. Maybe some deviled eggs.

2-3 9x13 cakes or 2 layer cakes, a nice assortment of cookies.

If in a home, the meal can be expanded- fried chicken, macaroni or potato salad or casseroles, etc

What I avoid are green salads, soups and most things requiring a fork.