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glasstop and embossed signatures on cookware bottoms
My 23 year old electric coil range died.. and because I've always used electric, I bought a glasstop. I would have gotten just a regular coil electric, but I couldn't find one where I could also get a convection oven which I really wanted. So, I thought I would try the smoothtop. It was delivered about a week ago.

I got new cookware (much of my old cookware pans were warped.). The new cookware was Kirkland Signature 13 piece 18/10 stainless steel. It said it was for ceramic ranges as well as gas, etc. I really liked it - looked well made, nice weight, copper layer sandwiched between stainless steel. And it seemed to work fine for frying some eggs. But tonight I tried to boil water for spaghetti. When I couldn't get a rolling boil after having the poot of water on high for 45 minutes, I took the pot off, and put one of my old pots on - equivalent size, and poured the water from my new pot to my old pot. It boiled right up. The difference? The Kirkland has a deep embossed signature on the bottom. I thought.. son of a gun, is that all it takes for this stove to not work? An embossed signature on the bottom? Has anyone else had this happen with a pot with a deep signature?

I can't believe this. I reread the rules and imo, a stove shouldn't be this delicate. Don't put anything down on it too hard, don't slide pots, don't use cast iron, don't reuse cleaning cloths because they might have dirt that might scratch (well this could happen between one swipe and the next when you clean the stove), use pots that are the size of the burner or the stove might crack, spillover of items with sugar might melt into the stove. omg. A stove should be a hard use item, as most people use it several times a day - more than most other household appliances except for heat and cooling. Jeezzz.. think I made a mistake with this.

glasstop and embossed signatures on cookware bottoms - oops wrong title
I meant to have the title say "glasstop and embossed signatures on cookware bottoms"

How can I change the title?


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