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Thankgiving Dinner for about 40 employees
yolanda martinez
Hello Ellen,
Having a buffet dinner for about 40 employees. The plan is to order pre-sliced roasted turkey breast and bone in spiral ham from a local deli. Other side dishes will be mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.

This is what I estimated(trying to see how far off I am from you)- 20 pounds of sliced turkey; 20 pounds of ham; 20 pounds of mashed potatoes and the same amount for green bean casserole?


How many pounds for each mentioned food item would you suggest?

Thank you.


Hi, Yolanda,
Glad you wrote, you don't need quite so much, since it is all boneless and ready to eat.

20 pounds of sliced turkey; 15 plenty
20 pounds of ham; 8-10 plenty
20 pounds of mashed potatoes- about right- some left over or do 15 potatoes and 10 stuffing
green bean casserole- you only need at most 3/4 cup per person- about 14 pounds

You need cranberry sauce and gravy, bread or rolls (get good ones) and real butter.