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Beef Tenderloin and Chicken
I am cooking dinner for the local firefighters. They are eating beef tenderloin and chicken, plus side dishes and salad. How much of each should I prepare if I am expecting 100 of them. Thanks!
With tenderloin, it is ESSENTIAL that you have a person slice and serve the meat, as they will happily eat 3/4 pound each (that's almost 1 pound raw) each. Firefighters are big eaters.

You put the chicken ahead of the beef and allow 1.3 pieces per person. You allow 1/2 pound raw beef per person for a server on the buffet line; you can get away with 2 pounds for 5 if you are plating it in the kitchen.

Have some heavy sides, corn pudding, scallped potatoes or mashed, plus a green vegetable and maybe broiled tomatoes.