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cooking 2 turkeys
i am serving 16, and would like to purchase 2 12 pound turkeys and cook them side by side... i only have one oven, so i thought of putting them in the same roasting pan...does this seem doable in a standard size large roasting pan, about 16x13/14...any other suggestions? cannot cook ahead of time...thanks!
2 12's fits a standard size oven fine, but probably not an apartment size. You can use a large cookie sheet with a rim, it does not have to be a roasting pan.
wow, radical using a large sheet pan with rim for 2 turkeys! my concern is spillage since i plan on using cheesecloth and drizzling white wine/butter throughout cooking process...also, do you just put aromatics under the bird (herbs, carrots, celery, etc) when using the sheet pan method? thank you!
I do put aromatics, but in the bird, not under.

I use the turkey baster to pull off the juices under if the pan gets too full (refrigerate for gravy), or before moving out of the oven.

I have cooked two turkeys in my oven by putting each one in a 9x13 pan in Renolds turkey size oven bags. They cook faster than in a roaster and brown beautifully. All the juices stay in the bag and make for a very moist turkey.
thanks very much!

another few questions...is there a reference for quantities for cooking side dishes for 12...ex. stuffing (i.e. how much bread, how much sausage), cranberry relish (how many oz of cranberry), vege side dishes (2 oz or 4 oz of each raw vege to be cooked?)...i saw your key for gravy, which i will use for sure...some recipes are not always accurate and i need tried and true!
also, do you recommend the best type of bread to use for stuffing?
thanks again...
See the planning article, it gives amounts per person on all the side dishes. Also, you can use 12th of the amount for 100.

I use 1/2 cornbread and 1/2 seasoned white for my stuffing. It is the family favorite.

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