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French Theme Party
I'm having a French theme party for 60 far,the menu is mini quiche lorraine,savory crepes and mini croque monsieur for appetizers.Dinner: Coq au vin or beef bourguion,noodles,green salad w/viniagrette,cheese platter w/grapes and baguette.Desserts will include assorted mini fruit tarts,creme brulee,crepe suzettes and cream puffs.Red and white wines.Is this too much,should I have a vegetable? If so,what would be "French" veggie?
Thanks for any suggestions.
I would probably do either the crepes Suzette or the savory crepes but not both (probably the crepes Suzette, if I could actually arrange the flambe). Then do a veggie appetizer in place of the savory crepes, such as stuffed mushrooms or stuffed cherry tomatoes.

I would definitely do a vegetable either asparagus, or French whole haricot vert (the skinny string beans). Or possibly braised leeks if I did the beef.

Other than that, sounds fine. Get good wine to cook the chicken or beef.

French Theme GALA
im catering a very elegant formal food and wine pairing party. it will include appetizers, salad, soup,entree and dessert. we will pair wine with each offering. i would love it if you can offer some much needed help. thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.
Take your menu to the best wine shop in town and ask for help. They are usually terrific at this.

In French dining, the salad is served after the entree.