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recipe I got from a banquet so it is way to much
I had this Chicken florentine with mushrooms soup,and it was to die for. It even had a crust like top that I'm not sure what it was.
We actually talked the chef into sharing the recipe with us,but it obviously yields way to much can someone help me decrease this for a family size pleasee? Maybe to like 12 serrvings. There was at least 100 guests where it was served,But I don't know how many they were expecting. and if anyone has made the soup could you tell me a secret on the crusty top? Garlic&Shallots to taste,Onion 1/2#,celery 1/2#,sliced mushrooms 1-2cases,spinach 2bags,chicken 3-4#,milk 1gallon,half&half 1gallon,heavy cream 1gallon,butter2#,salt&pepper to taste&roux as needed. Thank you so much because this is heavenly&I am just praying I get help:)
I will work on this, but it will take a while. Was the crust a real crust, like a potpie? Was this served in individual bowls, crusted, or was it ladled from a large tureen or serving bowl?