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Wedding Buffet for 80
Hello All!
Needs so assistance , wedding this weekend and we have had the menu in place for a while however a little panic about how much to have on hand,

Any and all advice is sooooo appreciated!

80 guests

Pre-cooked Brisket from sams
Assorted Rolls
Spinach Dip and Pita chips
Cheese tray
Chocolate Covered Strawberrys

Thanks so much for help with how much!

You could have estimated this yoirself from the tables, but since you have left it so late, I will help:

80 guests

Pre-cooked Brisket from sams- 30 pounds
Assorted Rolls-about 100, 3 pounds butter. Other condiments, see the sandwich page.
Slaw- 2 gallons
Spinach Dip and Pita chips- 5-6 quarts and 6 pounds
Cheese tray-12 pounds sliced, 4-5 pounds crackers
Chocolate Covered Strawberrys- 2 to 3 per person

Thank you very much