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Breakfast Taco Recipe/amts per taco?
I'm trying to plan a peewee football fundraiser where we will sell breakfast tacos during early morning games. I know the basics of what we need for bacon, egg and cheese tacos and bean and cheese tacos but am having difficulty figuring amounts. We'd like to make 100 6-8 inch flour tortilla tacos of each kind. Does anyone have a recipe they already use with amounts per taco already computed? Any help is appreciated, we're newbies to cooking for a crowd!
I use 6 eggs and 2 cups of beans (1 pound can refried) to make 8-10 tacos (tortilla size affects).

Cheese, 1 ounce shredded per taco.

1 slice of bacon per taco.

Allow 2 tablespoons salsa, taco sauce or pico de gallo per taco

Thank you, Ellen!