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Wedding Reception 10/2/10-Please confirm amounts
I posted on 8/8/10 Wedding Reception 200 guests for son's wedding at 2 pm. Fellowship hall has industrial fridge/2 industrial stoves, will have plenty of help and crock pots and steam pans available. Will serve food for portion control. You said my original amts were enough, but possibly not much left over. Please advise if menu amts are sufficient now and if appetizers are too much or too little. I do not want to run out of food.
Potato salad 8 gal
Baked beans 6 gal
Canned corn 6 gal
Creamy canned fruit cocktail salad - 2 batches
chopped pork bbq - donated 1/2 lb per person
cole slaw - donated 6 gal
hamburger rolls - 240
200 deviled eggs (halves)
144 bite size brownies
160 bite size pieces sheet cake
5 dozen cookies
220 mini creme puffs purchased
8 lbs cheese - cheddar & jack
8 lbs crackers
salami slices - ?? how much
10 lbs tortilla chips
1 gal salsa
16 lbs prepared veggies
1 gal ranch dip
punch, soda, water - we are good on

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated again. Thank you!!

This is looking pretty good. I would do 20 pounds of cheeses and 12-14 of crackers- can do some logs and rolls- some folks will use slices on the sandwiches.
You need sandwich condiments for 200, see the sandwich article.
Suggest 1/4 cup per person salsa or other dip for the chips, and have a few pounds unopened in case of shorts.
Salami, 1 ounce per person

Good luck, get enough help and enjoy.

Thanks! I will make the adjustments! I really enjoy your site.
Hi, Kathy, when I checked back to your original post, I saw that it is midafternoon. You will probably have about 10% too much food- people usually eat less midafternoon.