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Wedding Reception 150
I am planning my reception for May next year, outside, from about 12-4 pm. I expect about 150 people, mostly in their 30's, some 60's and some kids. I am planning on heavy hors d'oeurves with some larger sized items:

3 18" platters Cheese and meat w/ crackers
3 18" platters Vegs, olives, etc. and dip

extra nuts, pickles etc. on bar, and bread on tables plus a cheese fondue with bread (buffet)

about 3000 small appetizers, which includes some meat (meatballs etc.) some seafood and some veggie options

20 lbs. each caesar and coleslaw
mac and cheese station- (for small plates)- 10 lbs dry and 4 gal. sauce
Chicken and Pork- (also small plate servings)- 30 lbs. of chicken and 20 lbs. of pork
grain pilaf 5 lbs. dry

After there will be a dessert buffet w/ cookies, bars, fruit plates and my cake.

Thanks for your help w/ amounts!

Pretty good numbers! The only things I would do differently, if those are cooked weights on the meat, is 40 pounds pork, and add some sandwich condiments, see the sandwich page, and maybe one more meat/cheese plate.