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cocktail party for 150

I need help with planning a cocktail party for 150 guests for a 3 hr period. How many of each appetizer will i need to make if there will be a grouping of 4 different appetizers.How many platters of crudite, nuts and deli meats and cheeses. How much beer( bottled), wine and prosecco? it's from 5-8pm

Many Thanks,


Hi, Sue, the bad news is that with this time frame, the people will eat like locusts; many will be eating dinner from your selection. So, the basic rule is 10-12 bites for the first hour and about 6 for each additional hour, plus the other items you mentioned (crudite, nuts and deli meats and cheeses, beer(bottled), wine and prosecco-which you would figure as champagne).

That's 20 bites per person, if you expect them to stay the whole time, where a bite is 1 miniquiche or stuffed mushroom or a sausage ball or spinach Parmesan square, or 1/4 cup dip with chip or 2 ounces of fruit or 1 rumaki- you get the idea. If the 4 items are equally popular, which they usually aren't, you could divide it up. About 3000 bites.

Nuts, 6 pounds per 100. Cheese 2 ounces per person, meats, 2-3 ounces per person, bread to accompany, 2 ounces per person. Consder fruit trays instead of veggie, prettier and more popular, see the fruit tray page.

Beverages, see the beverage planning page. Consider adding dinner coffee the last hour.

You can post an estimate and I will check it for you.

Many Thanks Ellen for the information.


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