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Apple Crisp for 200
Hi Ellen,

I have been asked to make apple crisp for at least 200 possibly more for an apple orchard's yearly festival. It is to be prepared in Dutch ovens outdoors. I would like to serve 4 oz servings. I have the ovens :)

How many lbs of apples uncooked (yeild cooked)?

How can I give everyone just a little crisp (I always run out before getting to the bottom of the pot)LOL?

Got a great recipe?

18 cups of sliced uncooked apples, which is about 6 pounds, makes 5 pies. Assuming you would have about the same amount of apple in your crisp as a small piece of pie, that is about 40 servings.

The only way I know to keep the servings measured is to buy 1/2 cups scoops (which is about a 4 ounce serving)for each person serving and make sure they use them.

The Army allows 24 pounds raw apples for 100 standard servings of apple cobbler.
I think maybe the army knows what they are doing for portions. I had planned on serving with a scoop into a 4 oz souffle cup. I still have the problem of enough crisp though.
Do you mean the topping itself? It depends on whether you are doing streusel type, crust type, or batter/cake type.

Again, for 100 people, the army suggests 33 recipes pie crust, OR 19 crust plus 6 quarts streusel topping, OR 7 pounds cookie mix with a pound of butter OR 6 pounds of cake mix with a pound of butter. Hope this helps.

I do mean for the topping. 7 lbs of topping sounds about right for 24 lbs of apples. By my calculations I'll need about 50 to 75 lbs raw apples for 200-300 serving. Wow! that's a lot of peeling :)
Any recommendations for all that peeling? It wouldn't work for Leona but I was trying to make an apple crisp using canned apple filling just to avoid that however I'm concerned that is will be too "soupy" and trying to find a recipe. I don't bake enough to know how much thickener(corn starch) to add to get it scoopable. Suggestions?
I don't peel the apples! I just slice very thin.
I used an old fashiioned apple peeler that slices as it peels. Worked out great. To give that extra crunch I was looking for I used the cereal just bunches added to my normal topping.
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