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200 people evevt on the 10/2
jason johnson
looking for a great receipt for seafood gumbo
200 people event on the 10/2
Here is the gumbo recipe which just serves 50, if you expect 250, you need 5 times:

Jambalaya recipes vary a lot, tomato in creole, not in cajun, etc.
Here is the basic chicken and sausage jambalaya:

And you might find this link helpful:
Here is one link I particularly like.

For the gumbo, you have to make a good roux. Allow a couple of hours, do not try to rush it. It can be made ahead.
Bobby R. Jones
25 People Event for Dec. 24th, 2010
Need your recipe for Seafood Gumbo for 25 people.
Bobby, use the links above, look at the recipes and then post any additional questions. You need about 10 quarts of soup.