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wedding for 120 people
Hi Ellen I am overseeing the food aspect of a wedding for 120 people mixed adults and children. It is a pot luck type but with a specific menu. Can you tell me if my food quanties are where they should be?
dinner rolls-10 dozen
corn bread muffins 8 dozen
pickle plate consisting of pickled okra, olives and such-6 lbs
50 lbs bone in spiral ham
10 -9x13 scalloped potatoes au gratin
8 -9x 13 sweet potato casserole
4 #10 Corn
4#10 Butter beans
12 lbs Spring mix for tossed salad
the food centerpiece will be fresh fruit aprox 10-15lbs
This is a southern theme wedding. Do we need to have dessert besides the wedding cake and grooms cake? It will be a 7 pm wedding and then reception. Thanks, Cheryl
Unless there are a lot of kids, this looks like just enough, since people will probably eat something before they come. Only change I would make is the relish plate- I allow 24 pounds for 100 people- an make sure it is 15 pounds in the fruit.
Consider throwing a #10 of diced tomatoes and some brown sugar in the butter beans for flavor and color.
I might add fried apples (4 gallons) or raisin sauce (2 gallons) for the ham.
You do not need another dessert, on the other hand, people love sweets and an assortment of small "2 bite" cookies and bars (2-4 per person) would be very popular. Also, some people love to bring desserts for pot lucks.
I would do 6 gallons of punch and ditto tea, and also dinner coffee, as it is late evening. Have some tea unsweetened. The zucchini bread is a nice idea.