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Fundraiser for 500+ people
Hi Ellen. I am doing a benefit for my aunt, and have decided to cook ourselves to save money. How much chicken, rice and sausage will I have to purchase to make chicken bob for 500 people?
Jenna, a hot meal for 500 takes an industrial kitchen, 16 gallon pots, at least 8 cooks and 30 servers. Are you prepared for this?

In addition, since I can't find a recipe called "chicken bob" even with a google search, you need to tell me what this is

Also, many states require an event license from the health department to do a food even this size, even for a one time event. You will need to check into this.

I generally allow 8-10 pounds dry rice per 100 people. The chicken and sausage you could figure by using about 400 people worth of chicken from the plan for 100 lists and about 100 people worth of sausage.