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pig roast fundraiser
I'm having 300 to 400 people pig roast depending on tickets sales. Pork, chicken, hot dogs, pasta salad (the one made with Italian dressing and veggies), Cole slaw,bake beans, corn on the cob, apple pie squares,brownies. I'm figuring 3/4 lb roast pork, 1 piece chicken and one hot dog per person for the meat. Than the salads and baked beans 1 cup each per person with one whole corn. Iced tea and punch in14oz cups. How are my calculations?
Good luck with this. You will have plenty of meat if this is bone in pork roast and not whole pig. I would do Polish sausage instead of plain hot dogs and only open 1/2 to start.

Do the salad by weights, see the plan for 100 pages, and also use those numbers for the beans Have some of the tea unsweetened. Have water available too.