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brkfst burritos for 50-75
Michelle Pamplin
I'm cooking for a "gun club" and doing bbq beef sandwiches, as a main for dinner and brkfst burr. for the a.m. Any sugg. on how to do and howto figure amts for them?
No cooking facilities..out in open. I'll have a big dble propane grill.....HELP!
OK. This is mostly men, I expect; but it makes a BIG difference whether it is 50 or 75.

There is a recipe for a large amount of burritos to freeze in the OAMC section You can sub cooked sausage for the chicken. I would make 2 burritos per person if that is the only food.

Plan on 2 sandwiches per person. That means 2 pounds ready to eat feeds 5 people.

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