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how much to make
Catering a friends wedding, have never prepared food in this large of a quantity...
Menu includes - tossed salad-boneless ham-fried chicken- baked rigatoni - parsley buttered potatoes (or maybe scalloped potatoes)
corn and or green beans.....and rolls......200 people attending really need help with the quantity of each item....
Jamie, a wedding dinner this size takes 3 people in the kitchen, a manager and at least 10-12 people to set up, serve and cleanup.

You need 1 pound boneless ham for each 3 people plus 1 piece of chicken for each person. All the rest of the items are on the plan for 100 page. If you want to post your estimate, I will be glad to check it for you.

Hi Ellen...thanks for your input are the quantities I am planning on.
tossed salad - 30 lbs of bagged salad 8 lbs grape tomatoes 4 lbs baby spinich 4 lbs croutons and 3 gal of dressing..
rolls - 24 dozen
5 #10 cans of corn and 6 #10 cans of green beans
baked rigatoni - 30 lbs dry pasta 6 #10 cans of sauce 15 lbs of mozzarella

parsley buttered potatoes 13 #10 cans of new potatoes

planning a wedding party for 60 guests how much pulled pork do i need for sandwiches
Depends on the rest of the menu. Allow at least 20 pounds.