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Graduation Party for 165
I am having a graduation party for my daughter. Invites were 190, I expect around 165.

This is my menu and quantities so far~ can you adjust as needed?

Penne Pasta w/ tomato sauce ~ 36lbs dry
#10 cans Spag. Sauce~ 12 cans

Meatballs~ 400

3 lb. Bags of salad mix~ 12 bags.
Bags of romaine heads -6 count~ 5 bags total
grape tomatoes~ not sure how many of these?
cucumbers~ not sure how many I need.
Salad dressings~ want ranch and ital. not sure how much?

dinner rolls~ 15-16 dozen

100 pieces of chicken~ thinking maybe 50 more pieces needed?

also want to have butter-parsley potatoes~ need amounts for this
Green beans~ also need amounts please.

will have full sheet cake and 6 other desserts

making veggie trays and fruit trays. suggestions as to quantities?

Drinks will be ice tea/ lemonade/ sugar-free ice tea/ water and little juice boxes for small children. Will also have chip assortment for snacking.

Thanks for your help.

Help please!! My party is this Saturday, July 10th. I am off to shop this morning for the pasta and sauce.
Go to the spaghetti page, look at the amounts in the dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of that page. You need only 3 times these amounts. You have too much spaghetti and sauce.
You need at LEAST 1 piece of chicken per person.

The plan for 100 page has all the rest of the foods you are asking about, for 165 use 1 2/3 times the amounts for 100.

I would do about 20-25 pounds of potatoes.

See the fruit tray page for amounts of the fruit.