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Hi Ellen:
I wanted to thank you for your help. Your website was very right on with all the amounts for feeding 100 people. We had 90(not many kids in this count) of people who showed up for my daughters wedding and we prepared for 130 guest,so........we had plenty left over.
When all was done I put plastic ziplock bags on the table next to the food and told all the folks who helped and who ever was left to take what that wanted.
As for drinks: 1 keg of beer was just right and so was the champagne(6 brut 30asti)
3 cases of water, 2 of each soda: orange, mountain dew, ginger ale, sprite, coke, pepsi, rootbeer, diet coke, doc pepper and 3 gallons of ice tea. We also had coffee and hot tea.
If I was to do it again I would not have salads I had to mix the day of. I would have food I could do the day before and go with that. We had a couple young ladies serve and one genteman cook the meat which worked out great. Thanks again, Fran
I posted under tea because i wanted to share this recipe that worked nice:
Iced Tea Syrup Concentrate

20-25 tea bags
6 cups water
2cups granulated sugar

Bring water,sugar and tea to a boil in a large pot then steep for 10 min.

Pour into a bottle and keep refrigerated.

Mix 5 parts of water to one part tea syrup concentrate or to your own taste.

This makes about 2 gallons of tea (16 cups makes a gallon). 5x6=30
To serve 100-90 people along with beer, wine, punch you will need 3 gallons of tea.

Fran,very glad this worked for you, and tanks for the sweet tea recipe. People are sometimes skeptical about the amounts I list as they are different from the old lists found elsewhere on the web, but these days people eat differently and more than they used to, especially when it is served buffet style. And you discovered what I have said before; the wedding party does not need to be making food the day of the wedding.
Thanks for the tea recipe. :)