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Ice Tea
Do you have a concentrated recipe for ice tea.
I would like to make 6 gallons of ice tea.

It would be served in a 3 gallon serving container. If i could make it concentrated to go in a 1 or 2 gallon plactic jug then all i have to do is add water to the serving container when i get to the location to set it up.

thanks Fran

I do this all the time, since I prefer the flavor of brewed tea. I use 1 pound of black tea for 5-6 gallons final product. Boil 2 gallons of water, stir in all the tea, let brew about 10 minutes, drain and press. Remix to 5-6 gallons.
Or put 1/2 pound in each of 2 gallon containers, and brew as sun tea- 24 hours. Drain press. Remix to 5-6 gallons.

The boiled concentrate keeps 2-3 days refrigerated, the sun tea is best used in 1=2 days. They will sour if left out or kept too long.

I just realized that you may have a different tea- 1 cup measured dry makes 6 quarts of iced tea, so your pound should be about 4 measured cups...
How about tea bags>>>>How many would i use to make the brewed tea? Or should i use only loose tea to make it?
You need 5-6 bags per finished quart, which is 24 quarts or 120-150 bags. Bulk tea is usually cheaper. If you don't want to strain, you can tie it up in a big very loose cheesecloth bag with a cotton string, and just discard when done (or compost it, tea leaves and coffee ground make good compost).
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