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Pressure Cooking Potatoes
Bonnie Royer
How long do you cook potatoes in a pressure cooker?
I don't. They always seem to cook apart under pressure.
To do them in a pressure cooker you would be best to steam them. How long this takes depends on your machine, how big you cut them and other factors. Try this and then adjust accordingly: one cup of water in your cooker, put the potatoes (quarter smallish potatoes) in the steamer. Bring to full pressure for 2 minutes and quick pressure release. Test them. You might need 3 mins depending on your machine. I'm assuming you've got one of the new machines without the jiggle top? If not, invest in one; they're far superior and less accident prone. Personally I steam all my veggies this way. Kale and beets are nice this way, but anything will work.