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Enough food for Graduation Party?
Ellen, I am in need of help!!! Please ease my mind and okay my menu!!! Planning on about 110 guests, mostly adults and HS graduates.

Italian Beef (how many lbs?)

Mosticholi (want to do half pans, how many lbs of pasta fit in one?)

Teriyaki chicken kabobs (using chicken tenderloins, cut in half and put on stick, each tenderloin makes 2 sticks, how many lbs of chicken tenderloins?)

Potato salad (how many lbs of potatoes?)

Oriental salad (how much cabbage?)

baked beans (doctored up canned, how much?)

fruit salad (how much fruit?)


cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar cookies) how many dozen?

1 sheet cake

phew!!! I will be cooking all and would really like your expertice on confirming that I have enough varity and help me with quantities. Thank you so much in advance!!

Eek! You posted twice! Se the other one!