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Graduation Party for 120-150
Doing a grad party for 120-150 people from 3pm-???. Serving the following for the party. Can you please advise on the amounts that I have listed? Also, is it too much?
Muffalata Sandwiches-30 pounds of lunchmeat on round breads
Chicken Ceasar Salad Sandwiches-20 pounds of poached chicken with romaine on Italian bread
Grilled Brats-100 pieces
Vegetable Pizza-3 half sheet pans
Tortelli Pasta Salad-8 pounds pasta with meats and cheeses and marinated vegetables
Coleslaw-10 pounds
Potato Salad-15 pounds
Various Cookie trays and a half sheet cake.
I am thinking that since people will want to taste everything, that I can serve these amounts. Thanks for your advice
If this continues over dinner time and you expect people to eat dinner, you probably need more food.

Sandwiches are OK to plenty.
Pizza will run out early.
I would do 10-12 pounds pasta, 20 pounds slaw, 20-30 pounds potato salad
Full sheet cake
4 cookies per person.

Check the beverage planning page.

Chips and dips would be good with this menu.
Thanks you so much for your advice. I will be making the adjustments as listed. Whew, I feel better now!