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Taco bar
I am haveing a taco bar for 300 + guest for a graduation open house. I have 80lbs of pre-cooked taco meat and 20lbs of shredded chicken. In addtion I am serving beans, rice chips, fruit and dessert bar...will have I have enough meat?
You will run out of chicken. I would do 40-50 pounds, depending on how many over 300 you expect.
I am having a taco bar for about 55 people (23 are children of varying age). I have 6 lbs of ground beef, 6 pounds of pork shoulder and meat from 3 pulled rotisserie chicken with about 13 different toppings. I am serving appetizers. Side dishes are cornbread and rice. Plenty of lettuce for those who wish to have a salad. Is that the right amount of meat?
That looks OK, I would probably do about 9 pounds of beef.