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Graduation Opne House 300??
Graduation Open House
I'm cooking for a high school graduation open house to be hosted on a sat night from 4-7pm. Guest are children to Adult. "Picnic" Buffet Style.. 300 people invited. Some guest will have been to other open houses that day, some have been to serval open houses in the past 3 weeks, some will come to have dinner, some maybe to graze.. so of course I have no "set" number to expect.
This what I have planned for, your input would be appreciated very much.

Hamburgers 200 5oz

American cheese sliced 6 pounds
Monterey Jack cheese sliced 6 pounds

Brats 150

Hot Dogs 100

200 hamburg buns

175 dog buns

Baked Beans using 6 #10 cans

Layered taco Dip, with 1 #10 can refried beans, 40 ounce cream cheese, 10 cups sour cream, 10 cups salsa, 10 cups cheddar cheese and fresh chopped veggies.
8 pounds corn chips

Pasta Pesto salad using 6 pounds dried pasta with 6 cups feta cheese,and fresh veggies.

Spinach/strawberrie salad with 12-14 pounds of mixed spianch and lettuce, 16 cups of berries.

Caesar salad, 20 pounds of romaine, 2.5 quarts of dressing, 5 pounds parm cheese & croutons.

8 watermelon (15 pounds @)

35-40 pounds of grapes

potatoe chips 6 pounds

Pickle/Olive tray

The hostess will provide drinks, cakes,


This is a really tough estimate, and I think you need to consider some foods that you can have on hand as "backup"- that can be saved if not needed, but quickly available if needed.

You have enough brats, dogs, and burgers, but I would only cook about half to start; keep the balance unopened and refrigerated, so they can be frozen if not needed.

Double the layered taco dip and chips.

Skip the baked beans. Consider having borracho beans and adding the makings for nachos- tortilla chips, nacho cheese, jalapenos, beans- this is a good backup plan, as you just open one can of sauce (which fills a crock pot) at a time.

Double the pasta salad- that amount is only serving 100.

Consider halfing the Caesar- the is close to 200 servings-worth.

Provide dips for the Potato chips, and have at least 10-12 pounds of chips on hand.

Fruit is OK, Don't cut all the watermelons- ice them in chests- they will keep another week or two at room temp if not eaten, as long as the skins are intact.

Graduation Open House 300??
Ellen thank you very much. I'm stuck with the baked beans, its the graduates favorite dish, but I will come up with a back up plan, not sure what that'll be yet :)