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Graduation Menu
Hi Ellen,

I'm doing my granddaughters graduation dinner for about 40 family members.
172 oz Meat sauce
60 oz Alfredo sauce
60 oz garlic butter sauce
6 lb. 3 kinds of pasta (penne, bow tie,Conchiglie)2 lb. each
10 lb. sausages served as a meat (I'm figuring 4 sausages to each 1 lb. pkg.)
2 lb. salad
6 lb. bread sticks (about 40-60 sticks)
25 C coffee with trimmings
3 gal punch

What do you think about these amounts?

Hi, Sabrina,
This looks pretty good, you will probably be a little long on pasta, but you need this much to get the assortment with the three choices. I am just a little concerned about the amount of sauce, I would want 1 1/4 cup per person, and you are a bit shy there. Meat, do you have any guys who will want 2 sausages? Salad, I would do 2 ounces per person, or 5 pounds. Bread OK. Coffee depends on afternoon vs evening, but I would suggest at least 1 cup per person, and at least a portion decaf.
Consider adding a nice antipasto platter or relish tray, and possibly a fruit tray.
Hi Thanks again,

The dinner will be about 3:00 we will have 3 hours to eat and celebrate then rush off to the graduation. Everyone will go home from there.

I sas wrong we have about 30 guest.
Are you saying 10 oz of a combination of all three sauces per person? So if I made a little more meat sauce I would be OK?

With 30 quest we now have 10 extra sausages for the men, but I was thinking of cutting the sausages in half so that the women and kids can get a half if they wanted to and the men can get at least 3 pieces or 1 1/2.

So that would be 4 lbs of salad, got it.

Half of the quest are children who wont drink coffee. So I thought 25 was a safe bet and half of the adults don't drink coffee. I will add some decaf. I don't understand this generation. LOL Thank you so much makes good sense. The antipasto and fruit tray sound like a great addition.

We will also have a cake.

Yes, that is about 10 ounces total, so that addition would be excellent.
Good idea about the sausages. Hear what you mean about the coffee, if you were to borrow a second drip and have two, you could just make one of each and refill as indicated.
Maybe iced tea? About 2 gallons and 20 pounds of ice...