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How much meat?
I am having a graduation party next week. I have 30 I know are coming. 30 that might come and 40 I don't knows. So I think I will be between 60-100 people. I am having lasagna and beef tenderloin. I am having the tenderloin catered. The cater says 1/2 lb per person but this seems like alot per person to me. How many pounds do you suggest?
Im having a bbq for my childrens preschool gradation, im not sure how much tri-tip and pork ribs to get, we are projecting 250 people. im not worried about the sides others are handling them. How much would you suggest i get?
Lynn, with this wide a variation in the possible numbers, I would get part of the tenderloins whole and slice them only as the extra guests arrived. With the lasagna, the very least you can do for the beef is 1/3 pound ready to eat per person which is 1/2 pound raw, so if he was talking raw weight, he is right on the money. I would get 30 pounds sliced, 20 whole.

Scott, 1/2 pound raw ribs per adult, 1/3 per little kid PLUS 1/3 pound raw tritip per adult and 1/4 per kid. You have picked two very popular meats; there probably won't be any left.

how much meat
that helps alot... thank you
Debbie S.
We are serving 35 adults with brisket, bone-in chicken and hot links. We purchase the NON-TRIMMED briskets and smoke them. How much meat of each should we buy raw? Our side items include: potato salad, baked beans, chips and dips, fruit tray and relish tray.
Lucky guests.
You want to end up with 1 pound ready to eat brisket for each 3-4, plus 1 pound bone in chicken for each 2. Hot links depends utterly on the crowd. The most would equal 1 3 to 4 ounce piece per person, but it could be half that.

You know better than I do how much you shrink the raw brisket- it varies quite a lot by type of smoker.

Debbie S.
Ellen your advise is most helpful. Thank you!
I am making King Ranch Chicken Casserole for 24 people. How many pounds of cooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts do I need?
You posted twice, see the other one.
So glad I found this site......PLEASE help...
Feeding 150 people for Graduation dinner (50 grade 6 students, 100 adults)
We are serving BBQ Beef Fillet, Honey Bbq Chicken. Side dishes are 2 different pasta salads, a bean salad, Ceasar Salad and dinner rolls. I looked at your table in big pots but totally confused myself. How much Chicken and beef should we buy. (Chicken Pieces and Fillet weight)
Thanks so much,
Ok. The 6th graders count as about 2/3 person for appetite, so you are looking at 135 people, 1 1/3 times the amount for 100.

Beef filet is VERY popular. You need 5 ounces per person ready to eat, which is 2 pounds and a bit raw for 6, PLUS 1 piece of chicken per person, or 3 ounces cooked ready to eat, which is 1 pound boneless skinless per 4 people. Be sure that someone is serving the beef; if it uis self serve, you will probably run out.

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