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Quantity of b/s chicken thighs large diced for 150
I have thoroughly enjoyed this site! I am cooking Liberian food for a fundraiser and am struggling with the amount of boneless/skinless chicken thighs needed for a Mafe dish for approx. 125-150 adults. I saw that you referenced a "cooking for 125" section, but I can't seem to find it.

Thank you in advance.

It is plan for 100, and you get there using the buttons at the top of the main cooktalk page. You would do at least 1 1/3 times the amount for 100- 1 1/2 if you think there is really going to be a 150 crowd. If this is a stew with other things besides the chicken, you want 1 pound boneless skinless raw for each 4 people; my meat amounts are for stand alone entrees, where you need a little more than for mixed dishes.
Ok, thank you. I have been referencing the plan for 100 page quite a bit. And yes, it is a stew with sweet potato, potato, carrots green beans, and onions...so I am thinking a lot less than 50 lbs is needed. Also, it is going to be served with Jollof rice which is hearty as well. Thank you so much for designing this site, it has been the MOST beneficial and helpful for me (and others too!)
Hi -
I have taken over 2 days a month of hot lunch for a non profit catholic shcool feeding approx 180 children ages 5 -13 each month...
Do you have any suggestions on suitable menus for this - i am a non paid, parent volunteer -
thanks for any advice, i am trying to bring home cooked food to the children in a school day !
You might look at the budget entrees for 100 on the big pots index section. For the kids, unless there is a lot of staff/ parents also, you would do about 150 servings.

You want to get serious use out of the ovens for the entrees, be sure to have several fruits and veggies.

A taco bar would be popular.

There is a lot of info on school foods on the web, including healthy school foods.