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Wedding Appetizers
Terry Powell
Hi Ellen,
I'm catering a wedding for 350-400 people. The invitation says the wedding starts at 5:30. Would you start passing appetizers as they arrive till the ceremony begins? Or after the ceremony which will be short, but they will be taking pictures till we get the food ready to serve. Also what would you suggest for appetizers. The menu is
Pulled Pork
Chicken Thighs
pasta salad
green salad
fruit rays
cheese tray
What else would you suggest or take away
Thank you
No to the food. If it is outside at home, non-alcoholic beverages would be OK, but it is not usual.

On the other hand yes, you definitely want a nibble table to cover the hour after with the pictures, etc occupying the wedding party. You could use the fruit trays and the cheese trays, but with 350 people, and at a wedding, it is usual to offer about 12 different choices.

Terry Powell
Hi Ellen,
I'm sorry I'm not following you. No to food? What do you mean? Yes it is an outside wedding, we will be doing everything from a Bar-B-Q, cooktops and so on. They will have beer, wine, lemonade, water & soda. I plan on having a couple of fruit trays with cheese platters out. I wanted to tray pass a few appetizers while they were having pictures done. I was thinking of caprese skewers & something else not sure? Are you saying twelve chioces of appetizers? What do you suggest.
No to the food before the ceremony is the question I was answering.

For the nibble table or passing, the fruit trays, the cheese trays, veggies or relishes, some kind of interesting squares like my Parmesan Spinach squares, a few spreads or dips with crackers and chips; the skewers are fine. A few different bites, rollups, or mini things.