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Family Reunion for 50
We will be serving Taco Salad to approximately 50 people(15 are teens/kids)at a family reunion, along with tortilla chips, plus cookies/bars for dessert. Would we just double your Taco Salad, or should I allow more because it is for dinner?

Also, the men are cooking dinner one night, and these I the quantities I was given to purchase; do they seem accurate?
"- 20 lbs boneless smoked ham sliced in about 1/8 to 1/4 inch pieces
- 2 #10 cans of applesauce
- 4 dozen rolls
- 7 pounds premade salad mix
- 24oz Italian dressing
- 2 lbs butter or margarine for the rolls
- 7 lbs of dried pinto beans plus 7 onions and 1/2 lb butter" (they are making a bean dish)


The taco salad would be fine as is for dinner, but because of the teens, I would suggest getting and extra 2 pounds of tortilla chis and a #10 can of nacho cheese and a big jar of sliced jalapenos for a nacho side dish.

Ham dinner looks fine, you might ad another dozen or two of rolls. Baked sweet potatoes would be awfully good with this meal...

Party for 80
I want to have hamburgers, brats and fried chicken for the meat. I also want to do dips,baked beans, a strawberry salad, pretzel salad, potato salad or cheesey potatoes Can you help me with how much ?
1 regular hamburger PLUS 1/2 brat PLUS 1 piece of chicken per person. You will have some- not too much- left, but everyone will get their first choice. The rest is discussed on the plan for 100 page and the appetizer planning page- use 4/5 the amount for 100. Make an estimate, post it, and I will be glad to check it for you.