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Grad Party no RSVP
Hi Ellen,

I am helping a cousin with a grad party for their son. She tells me the invite list is approximately 300. It will be Sunday after church from 12:00-3:00, and their small church is invited on one invitation.

I figure most of those people will come and plan to eat pretty heartily, after that the longer the day goes on the less each guest wil consume as they will be hopping from one party to another in this rural community.

Having trouble figuring how many to prepare for. One rule of thumb is to plan on 50% of the guest list but was hoping you had a formula you like to use in a case such as this.

I would estimate the church crowd to be about 75.

Any help woudl be gratly appreciated.


Wish I could help you on the turnout, but with the church invited, it depends completely on whether this is a we all do everything sort of outfit or you will have just the immediate friends.

The folks who come at 12, and that will be about 1/2. will eat a full lunch; so will the quarter who come around 1; the last quarter will come later and snack. You need a total of 1 1/2 pounds food per adult or teen for lunch, 1 pound for snackers. Also see the beverage planning page for help there.