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wedding for 300- 350
Terry Powell
I'm catering a wedding for my niece in July. It is an outdoor wedding where we have to bring in everything. I started a menu and wanted your thoughts to what you would do.

Pulled pork sandwhiches
BBQ Chicken thighs
baked beans
upscale pasta
upscale green salad
fruit salad

cheese plater
fruit salad- consider fruit trays instead, prettier, hold better and left overs are more usable
cheese platter- 16 pounds slices, cubes logs per 100 persons; 6 pounds crackers per 100
Look at antipasto vegetables, artichoke condite, spinach Parmesan squares. Impossible pies can be made in 9x13 pans (double recipe) and cut into squares as crustless quiches

Pulled pork sandwiches- 1 pound raw pork per 3-4 people, 4 rolls per pound
BBQ Chicken thighs- 1 piece per person
baked beans- 3 gallons per 100
coleslaw- 3 gallons per 100
upscale pasta- 6 pounds dry pasta per 100
upscale green salad- see plan for 100 salad section or my Asian noodle salad recipe
or one of the other salads that hold

suggest an interesting cooked green vegetable