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Keeping lasagna hot
I will be serving lasagna at an open house. How do I keep it warm. I will be putting out 1 at a time while leaving the rest in the oven. Will it be eaten quick enough for me to just sit it out and serve a new one when it is gone or should I set them tray and all in a roasting pan or take the lasagna out and put in a roasting pan. I will be buying lasagna boxed from the store not homemade.
Good food safety question. Use a chafing dish with steam under the top pan. You need to keep it at 160 or above.
Would scooping it into a crock pot work? I don't have any chafing dishes, but have plenty of crock pots.
Yes, but you should look at the crock pot lasagna in my OAMC section- can be made ahead and actually fits in the crock pot.
Since my party is right after the ceremony, I will be buying it already made from trays at our bulk food store. I will also have seasoned beef so this is just an addition.
Have a great party- do have something that can be an entree for the non-meat-eaters.
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