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Retirement Party For 60
I am planning a retirment party for a man who works for me. It will be during work hours at the office. The best time seems to be right after lunch (beginning at 1:00 or 1:30). It will be a drop in reception type gathering. I'm having a hard time coming up with a menu. I want simple, but nice. Any suggestions? I am a good cook and have help. (I recently catered my daugher's wedding reception for 125 people.)
Sounds nice, Connie.

How about a 2 sided approach, savories and sweets? On the savory side, some mini quiches, a good dip, a meat (sausages, drummettes, makings for tiny sandwiches) and one exotic- could be spanakopiuta, sausage balls, cheese logs, etc. Allow 1 serving of each per person, plus 10%

Then 2 of the fruit tray for 25 on the fruit tray page.

Then a selection of 4 'bites' of sweets, such as brownies, lemon bars, 7 layer bars and a truffle or petit for. Allow one of each per person, plus 10%.

This will be a nice selection and just about the right amount.