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We have decided to have desserts for graduation open house starting at 6:30p.m. we are having ice cream machine, cotton candy machine, chocolate fountain, cup cakes with 3 different kinds of cookies, rice crispy bars and brownies. I have sent out 250 invitations with 100 of those being students. I know your thinking this is alot!! Can you tell me how many of each cookie, brownies and rice cripsy bars you think I would need??? Thanks So Much!!!
What I do when feeding desserts to teens, is assume they will eat one of almost everything. In this case, allow 1 cupcake each, make the cookies and bars small (1 1/2 inches) and allow 1 of each. See the chocolate fountain article for tips, also, some folks will dip the cookies and bars.
We want to serve for graduation, pull apart pork in a bun, both fruit and veg. salads, punch, how much of each for 200 people.
All covered in the plan for 100 lists and the beverage planning lists; use 2 times.