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Dessert Graduation/18th Birthday Party
Hello - LOVE the site!!!

I have decided on a Dessert Party for my daughter's High School Graduation/ 18th Birthday Party. The party will be at 7pm. Approx 75 people but I believe most will flow in and out.
I plan on a 1/4 sheet cake, a couple dozen cupcakes, several trays of brownies, rice krispie treats, mini cheesecakes, apple pie coffee cake, bowl of mixed fruit and a mini crock-pot of chocolate with various dippers.
What other types of desserts would be good? I will be making all of these things myself - I'm not afraid to make anything! The crowd is mostly teens and adults (alot of men - my daughter is in the local fire company lol).

1/4 sheet cake, only about 16 servings-
a couple dozen cupcakes, 24-36
You need enough cake servings for everyone to have one

several trays of brownies, cut small, but do allow a minimum of one each
rice krispie treats, cut small, but do allow a minimum of one each- some folks will use these to dip in the chocolate
mini cheesecakes, one each
apple pie coffee cake, about 1/2 serving each
bowl of mixed fruit- fruit trays are prettier, hold better and look festive, see the fruit tray page, 2-3 times the amount for 25
a mini crock-pot of chocolate with various dippers. You will need at least a 4 quart crock pot- allow 4-5 quarts chocolate. See the chocolate fountain article, for many dipper ideas and amounts.
You probably need ice cream! See the dessert bar article if thinking ala mode, or the sundae bar article if thinking sundaes.

What would be really pretty with this assortment is lemon bars and my triple ginger biscotti (see the biscotti article).